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17 Julai 2010 
Program Roadshow Flotilla Pembebasan Gaza bersama Aktivis Mavi Marmara, Ustaz Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus bertempat di Masjid Fathul Mubin, Mukim tok Sadang, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan.



Jaiputra College began operations in 1998. The College offers an integrated education system between professional and Islamic studies. Students also can choose either to follow the simultaneous study of two diploma or diploma by taking Islamic studies as a minor. Beginning on June 2005 Jaiputra are now operating at Kijang Campus near Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB).



“Making Jaiputra College a higher education institution (HEI) which is dominated integrated education”



We are committed to making Jaiputra Colleges as a competitive Private Higher Education Institution and dominated integrated education to produce professionals with a balanced and in line with world-class in accordance with the aspirations of the Ummah . ” We will implement through :

  • Integrity leadership, visionary and dynamic.
  • Competent employees, caring and adopting positive values.



“Divine knowledge is the foundation of truth. Universe are provided to universal prosperity. Human being are responsible to Rabbul Jalil for all actions. Compliance with this fact, Jaiputra strives to build a righteous man and competent through integrated education”



“Piety, Competent, Excellence”



  • Be a model of an integrated system of higher education in Malaysia and the region
  • Achieve international recognition of the quality of teaching, learning, management and administration
  • To produce graduates who are well-balanced personality and can be marketed
  • Have a high performance workforce and practice the principles of Islam
  • Obtain the continued profitable growth
  • nfrastructure of learning, teaching and environment conducive to the overall community college
  • Optimum use of all resources


“Jaiputra Remain Dominating Integrated Education”



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